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The Mediterranean Diet



Recipes for the 4

Blood Types

120 First Courses


with the collaboration

of the chef Mirella Pirchio






This is a recipe book following the principles of the famous “Blood type diet”® of naturopathic physician, Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo. On the basis of laboratory tests he found that in the intestine there are specific antigens for each blood type. These antigens, reacting with food lectins, make different foods good, neutral or harmful for the different blood types.

The dishes presented in this book have been selected to permit everybody to appreciate the tastes of the Mediterranean cuisine. For each recipe there is advice for each blood type on the most suitable foods and those to be avoided in order to feel better, but never forgetting the all-important factor of taste.

The book presents 120 classic recipes, each with specific indications for each blood type as to which are the most suitable foods and which should be avoided, while never forgetting taste. There are also lists of the most suitable foods for the different blood types.

Claudia Valsecchi

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