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50 Delicious Original Italian Recipes for Blood Type A


with adaptations

for other blood types









My Recipes for Blood Type A


This is cookbook, not a diet book. Nevertheless, in deciding which foods to include, we looked to the dietary plans that naturopathic Doctor Peter J. D’Adamo presented in his books “Eat Right 4 Your Type” and “Live Right 4 Your Type.” These books propose the theory that certain foods benefit, nourish or harm us according to the blood type that we are born with. I have followed Dr. D’Adamo’s suggestions and my health has greatly improved. I hope the same will happen to you.


This book includes original and tasty recipes that have the good flavors of Italian cuisine. The recipes also follow the principles of the “blood type diet:” choosing foods appropriate to your blood type. The theory that each blood type should eat certain types of foods is based on Doctor Peter J. D’Adamo’s well known discoveries, which proved that following a few rules about how to eat can help improve or maintain your health.


This book will make everything easier. It is the first in the Musical Fork Collection and presents 50 delicious but easy-to-make recipes for Blood Type A, almost all of them also adaptable to types 0, B and AB You will find delicious recipes not only for you but also for your family and friends!


Following some simple advice and tips will make it easy to eat right and improve your health! In a short while your body will thank you for its new-found wellbeing!


Claudia Valsecchi

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